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Why did we launch Just-Mining ?

Behind the project

Just Mining was born from a statement: The chaotic state of the market of the cryptocurrencies mining.

Our aim : Provide a fair solution with advice and human relationship.
The company's offices are located in France in Florange.

Our first mission is to educate everyone in the field of cryptocurrencies and mining in order to allow you to :

- Easily invest
- Optimise your ROI
- Manage the risks
- Get a legal framework for your activity

Accessible et transparent
Accompagnement pro

Then Just Mining revolutionizes the mining by offering new, innovative and fair solutions. Actor of the blockchain technology (which is a booming sector), Just Mining created the "Fair Mining", with a simple and intuitive solution in order to guarantee the profitability of our investors but also the accessibility to this technology, even for the starters.

We offer three types of products

Mining computing rental (Cloud Mining)

You can rent computing power without getting the physical equipment.

Hardware servers

Simply a machine (as a computer), optimised to control a maximum of transactions using as low electricity as possible. All of that with an intuitive software developed to understand and estimate in real time your consumption and your revenues.


We also offer other kind of products such as USB keys able to securize your cryptocurrencies.