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The Airbnbob is a maintenance service for your mining machines. You would like to buy a bob or you already possess one, but you don’t have a suitable set up? This new service allows you to buy your mining machine and trust us to maintain it for you. We will even mantain of your rigs or ASICs that don’t come from Just Mining.


The monthly fee is calculated based on the electrical consumption of your machines.

The minimum runtime of the Airbnbob service is 6 months. Nonetheless, during less profitable months, you have the possibility to have your machine put on hold. In those cases the monthly fee is divided by 4.

All the details of the Airbnbob offer are referenced in a contract that is signed by both parties before kicking off the service.

If you want more details or a specific proposal, please contact us here


ExTra Bob

174 mhs
174 mhs
1740 hs
Consumption of  840W
2 549,00 € 2 124,17 € HT
Delivery: 10-14 days
AIRBNBOB Eligibility light

Entreprise Pack

870 mhs
870 mhs
8700 hs
Consumption of  3750W
12 350,00 € 10 291,67 € HT
Delivery: 10-14 days
AIRBNBOB Eligibility light


Need something custom? Ask for a proposal based on a specific number of installations, such as a mining farm.

ASICS hosting

Have your ASICs maintained at Just Mining so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance work, as well as the temperature and sound effects.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us