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The Airbnbob is a maintenance service for your mining machines. You would like to buy a bob or you already possess one, but you don't have a suitable set up? This new service allows you to buy your mining machine and trust us to maintain it for you. We will even mantain of your rigs or ASICs that don't come from Just Mining.

I already have machines that I want to host

You have mining machine(s) and you want to find a cheap hosting solution to maximize the performance of your equipment.

To be totally transparent with you, it will be very difficult to find competitive offers at the moment, especially if you want to leave the equipment in France. Abroad, there are solutions. Unfortunately, they are rare and sought after.

The relocation of mining machines placed in China has somewhat upset the hosting market, so much so that, according to the testimony of some partners, experienced miners, nowadays, kWh are harder to find than machines.

Unfortunately, we have no solution or recommendation for investors in this position at this time.

Note: If you have a reliable hosting solution capable of hosting both private and professional machines, please contact us. We are open to all forms of collaboration on networking.


- Have a competitive electricity tariff (0.07€/kwh maximum)
- Have an existing infrastructure (cool and secure environment)
- Area that can acquire machines in quantity

Please do not contact us if your solution does not meet these 3 conditions. We will not respond to unserious proposals.

I have a hosting solution to propose

I don't have a mining machine

You don't have a mining machine, you want to buy equipment and place it in hosting.

Minimum budget: 100 000,00 €

If you find yourself in this scenario, we are able to offer you solutions through partners we are used to working with.

Please note that for this type of investment, the minimum investment is 100 000 €. Below this amount, it will be difficult to integrate you into these solutions.

I am interested in

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