Become the owner of a Bitcoin miner.

With or without pre-configuration, find the asic that corresponds to your mining project.


Asics are machines with chips programmed specifically for cryptocurrency mining.

Just Mining offers an additional option including the configuration of your Asics. Thus, you will only have to connect the machine to its reception so that it begins to mine.

Asic S19 Pro

Asic S19 Pro
110 ths
Consumption of  3250W
The Antminer S19 Pro is the most powerful mining machine in the world.

Asic S19

Asic S19
95 ths
Consumption of  3250W
The Antminer S19 is the latest mining machine available on the market.


Need something custom? Ask for a proposal based on a specific number of installations, such as a mining farm.
Note before investing in mining equipment

Dear Customer, Dear Investor,

In recent weeks, the demand for mining machines has increased considerably. So, if you are new to or do not master all aspects of this environment, we strongly encourage you to read these lines.

In recent weeks, we have entered a particular phase in the cryptomoney market, which has seen a violent rise over a very short period of time. This impressive and rapid rise has given the world of cryptomoney a lot of media coverage and many people have become interested in it. But in the learning cycle, the investment in the mining of crypto-currencies happens fairly quickly, and perhaps that's where you find yourself reading these lines.

Profitability Update

It must be understood that rising markets have a direct impact on the profitability of mining. In fact, the profitability of mining depends on three factors :

- The price of cryptomoney : obviously, when the bitcoin is at 15000€, the results of profitability are not the same as when the price is at 30000€.
- The mining difficulty: the amount of Bitcoin collected by the miner is not fixed, it depends on what is called the mining difficulty (= the number of active miners). The more miners there are on the network, the more the share allocated to each miner will be reduced and vice versa.
- The cost of electricity: machines being energy consuming, the miner's objective is to pay the least possible for electricity in order to limit the costs of his investment.

Of these 3 factors, the only one we can accurately anticipate is the electrical factor. The other two are variable over time and therefore today's profitability is not tomorrow's.

With this explanation, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the profitability of mining is currently strong, because prices are high. But over time, it is likely to balance out, either by a correction in prices or by an increase in difficulty. Although an even greater increase is plausible, the latter could be short-lived.

So we remind you that for a mining project to be viable, the key point is electricity. For a French investor who pays his Kwh at the average price in France (0.15€/kwh), crypt mining is not necessarily the most profitable investment formula. We will come back later on the possible alternatives.

Update on equipment availability

During this bullish phase, the demand for machines increased to the point where demand far exceeded the available supply. This euphoria led to an almost worldwide stockout on mining machines.

The suppliers we are used to working with are themselves experiencing difficulties in sourcing and are not able to give us visibility on upcoming stocks.

Sometimes we are offered certain batches of machines, but the prices become unreasonable. The law of supply and demand works, and prices rise. These prices have tripled in a few weeks. We consider it inconsistent and against our values to sell machines in these price orders to uninformed customers, unaware that profitability will balance in the coming months.

In addition, delivery times have increased. A few months to count at least to hope to get his mining equipment in a context where we lack visibility.

It is important to have these elements in mind before making an investment in a mining machine.

Beware of scams

Many of you are in a hurry, driven by the so-called FOMO (fear of missing out), the fear of missing an opportunity. When investing, you should never make a decision in a hurry. Even less so in a market as difficult to master as the cryptomoney market. This is a good time for scam development. Fake mining sites offer Asics at competitive prices. Take the time to find out. We're getting far too many calls from users telling us they just bought an Asic from a company that no longer responds to them.

Similarly, beware of second-hand markets, scams are numerous on the sites of sales between individuals in this period.

Now you have all the information you need to judge whether or not you think it makes sense to embark on a mining project. If, with this information, you finally think that mining does not fit your investor profile, know that there are alternatives.

What alternatives?

Don't worry, mining is not the only way to invest in crypto-money. There are many others more or less complex. More than half of the people we have on the phone right now want to invest in mining because they're new to it. But after a few minutes of discussion, we realize that mining is not at all adapted to the person's profile.

At Just Mining, we offer several investment formulas such as staking or masternodes. These totally dematerialized investments often correspond much more to the profiles of our users.

To put it simply, these investment formulas are similar to the savings books you find in traditional finance. A quantity X of cryptomoney is immobilized in return for interest received daily in cryptomoney. The advantages :

- Interest rates much more interesting than on traditional finance (from 5 to 40% annual ROI)
- The possibility to invest from a few tens of euros up to several thousands for investors with larger portfolios
- Passive income credited every minute to your Just Mining account. - A flexible investment formula: you can exit your position whenever you want (nb: some projects impose a release period)

For more information on these investment products, we invite you to read our articles :
- What's staking? What is staking?
- What's a masternode?
- What is cloud mining?

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions.