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Delegate your eGLD from the Elrond wallet


March 26, 2021 marked the opening of staking pools on the Elrond network. These staking pools allow Elrond holders to delegate their tokens to the staking provider of their choice in order to obtain rewards in EGLD while keeping the custody of the tokens.

Because of its strategic place in the Elrond ecosystem, Just-Mining is naturally part of the actors offering EGLD staking on its staking pool. This option allows you to keep the custody of your tokens while generating interests in eGLD alongside us.

In this tutorial we will explain you how to stake your eGLD from your Elrond wallet in a few steps.

How to delegate your eGLD on the Just-Mining staking pool?

Step 1 – Create or access your Elrond wallet

If you don't have an Elrond wallet yet, you can create one in a few minutes from the following page: create an Elrond Wallet.

For optimal security, we recommend that you access it via a Ledger Hardware Wallet

image 1
Step 2 – Go to the "Stake" tab

image 2
Step 3 – Search the Just-Mining staking pool

image 3
Step 4 – Choose the amount you wish to deposit

image 4
Step 5 – Confirm and sign the transaction

image 5

Monitoring of your investment

All you have to do is keep track of your investment from the "Stake" tab of your application. There you will be able to claim your rewards, stake new eGLDs or remove those placed in staking.

image 6

what if the pool is full?

In a logic of increasing decentralization of the Elrond network, new availabilities are progressively opened on the staking pool of Just-Mining. However, it is possible that at the moment you want to stake your eGLD with us, the maximum capacity of the pool is reached.

In this case, stay tuned in order to seize the places which would be released!

Our teams are of course at your disposal for any questions.
Published by Just Mining on 19/10/2021
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