Blog Qu'est-ce que STAKENET ?

Qu'est-ce que STAKENET ?

history of stakenet

Stakenet is an open-source project born in 2018, with the aim of bringing together the advantages of several existing architectures, within a single blockchain. Thus Stakenet has built its network on a Proof-of-Stake mechanism, combining masternodes and Lightning Network. In short, the ambition of the project is to propose a technical architecture that allows to connect all the actors of the blockchain within a huge network: Stakenet.

Characteristic of the stakenet masternode


How Stakenet works

XSN is the cryptocurrency that powers Stakenet. The network operates through a highly secure blockchain with masternodes , the Lightning Network and decentralized applications.

Among the wide range of features offered by Stakenet, here are the main ones :

- Instantaneous transactions: Thanks to the Lightning Network, transactions are completed in milliseconds.

- Infinite scalability: XSN can process an unlimited number of transactions per second, 24/7, on the Lightning Network.

- Low fees: Transactions are almost free of charge thanks to the use of the Lightning Network technology.

- Privacy: Stakenet offers enhanced privacy features such as an internal TOR network managed by masternodes.

- Increased Security: The Trustless Proof of Stake consensus ensures the highest level of security of all existing PoS networks.

- Masternodes: the powerful masternodes act as service providers for the Stakenet blockchain.

- Instantaneous exchanges: each XSN user can convert funds between different blockchains instantly and autonomously.

- Cross-chain technology: Thanks to Stakenet's Proof of Stake cross-chain technology, users can staple their XSNs and receive rewards in a different cryptography.

The use of Lightning Network

Stakenet adheres to the existing Bitcoin/Lightning Network protocol. With XSN you can make payments in any currency via the Lightning Network. Even if a merchant only accepts Bitcoin, you can pay them seamlessly using your XSN.

XSN allows instantaneous and virtually free transactions, with a theoretical unlimited number of transactions per second. Unimaginable for traditional currency.

Stakenet's goal is to make XSN an easily usable cryptocurrency on a large scale, and to be among the most secure by having a trustworthy operating environment.

Stakenet masternodes

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Masternodes are the real cornerstone of the Stakenet network. They guarantee the correct functioning of the aforementioned functionalities and ensure the security and validation of network transactions.

At Just Mining, we offer you the opportunity to operate an integral node or to take part in a shared node.

Published by Just Mining on 30/10/2020
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