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Turn your rewards into Gold

Just Mining and VeraOne offer you a 100% French collaboration. With its stablecoin backed by physical gold, VeraOne allows you to put the gains of your masternodes and of your staking sheltered from market volatility.

What is Veraone (vro) ?

A gold-backed stablecoin

VeraOne is a subsidiary of the AuCoffre group, gold specialist for more than 10 years in Europe. In 2019, the AuCoffre group launched the VeraOne initiative with the idea of creating a digital asset, a stablecoin (cryptocurrency whose price remains stable) backed by the price of gold. Thus, 1 VRO is always equal to 1 gram of physical gold. This gold, belongs to you, it is tangible and the VRO token is the deed of ownership, you can also ask VeraOne to send you the gold at home.

To learn more about how VeraOne works, we invite you to watch the explanatory video of our CEO, Owen Simonin (Hasheur)

Our vision: your comfort

This partnership is perfectly in line with our development objectives and our vision of the blockchain environment. By collaborating with VeraOne, we are once again broadening our offer to our users by allowing them to build up a complete crypto portfolio and by increasing tenfold the functionalities available on our platform. We are committed to offering our customers an ever-increasing range of functionalities, and this partnership is a further step in this direction.

Quick and easy exchanges on Just Mining

Limit your exposure to market volatility

On the Just Mining platform, you have three stablecoins (USDT, Dai and VRO) against which you can exchange your earnings from our services.


With just a few clicks, you can turn your rewards from mining, masternodes or staking into a stablecoin and indirectly into gold via the VRO.

Store your Gold on your ledger

The VRO being an ERC20 token, it is therefore compatible with ledger. Thus, it is possible to store your VROs on a Ledger Hardware Wallet.

Let's summarize :

1. Generate interest with our investment solutions
2. Turn these interests into Gold in two clicks
3. Store your Gold on a Ledger


What more could you ask for?
Published by Just Mining on 11/06/2020
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