Ethereum 2.0
Ethereum 2.0
Investment option :
Buying and staking ETH
Deposit my own ETH
- You can invest in increments of 0.5 ETH - Investment blocked for an indefinite period of time (see description below) - Management fees: 7.5% of interest earned
Estimated annual earnings*
* The APR shown reflects the current state of the network, Just Mining is not responsible for future variations.

Just Mining partners with Exaion (EDF group) to operate your nodes.

Just Mining is proud to announce its association with Exaion, a blockchain subsidiary of the EDF Group.

Within the framework of this collaboration, Exaion provides Just Mining with computing power and a robust 100% French infrastructure at a lower cost. These elements are essential to the operation of the nodes for the ETH network. In this way, Exaion is fully committed to this alliance by sharing the risk we take today on infrastructure costs.

A partnership that allows you to keep all your nodes on a reliable French infrastructure.


How much can I invest?

You can invest from 0.5 ETH on Just Mining.

The minimum amount to become a validator is 32 ETH. We are aware that this amount is important and to do so, we offer our users the possibility to participate as early as 0.5 ETH.

For people who already have ETHs, it is possible to deposit them in staking. For those who do not yet have ETHs, Just Mining will acquire them for you.


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The APR varies according to the total amount of ETH stakes in the network. Just Mining is in no way responsible for variations in APR. It is defined by the ETH network.

In this way, the more ETH placed in staking, the lower the APR will tend to be. The metrics have already been communicated by ETH, you will find them on the graph below

roadmap roadmap

Start date and conditions

Phase 0 of ETH2, corresponding to the start of ETH staking, will take effect as soon as 524 288 ETH are placed in the validators.

This amount having been reached, phase 0 will start on December 1, 2020.

It will still be possible to invest in ETH staking after these dates. There is no limit to the number of places here.


When can I take out the ETH I put in staking at Just Mining?

The transition from the ETH network as we know it today to the ETH2 version will take place in several stages. Ethereum distinguishes 4 stages: phases 0, 1, 1.5 and 2.

It will only be possible to remove its tokens from the Validator from the phase 1.5 or 2. Thus, by placing your tokens in staking, you accept that your ETHs will be immobilized for a period of approximately 24 months.

The optimistic scenario, would be that it will take at least 18 months to recover its Ethers.

roadmap roadmap

When can I remove the ETH generated from the staking?

The interests are generated on the chain 2.0, chain which you will have understood will not be fully operational as soon as the staking is launched. Also, in the same way as the ETHs placed in staking, the generated interests will only be available from the phases 1.5 or 2 of the project.


What happens in case of Slashing or penalty?

Indeed, the Ethereum network reserves a particular fate to the nodes that are badly managed with resulting penalties.

Just Mining, as operator of the ETH nodes, takes the responsibility of these potential failures.

With the support of our partner Exaion, we commit ourselves to cover all the penalties that would be the result of a technical problem.