Ethereum 2.0

Just Mining partners with Exaion (EDF Group) to operate your nodes.

Just Mining is proud to announce its association with Exaion, the blockchain subsidiary of the EDF Group.

As part of this collaboration, Exaion provides Just Mining with computing power and a robust 100% French infrastructure at a lower cost. These elements are essential to the operation of the nodes for the ETH network. In this way, Exaion is fully committed to this alliance by sharing the risk we take today on infrastructure costs.

A partnership that keeps all your nodes on a reliable French infrastructure.

The Merge: what changes?

The Merge is a major update to the Ethereum network. Prepared for many months, it will be effective on September 13, 2022. It is the most important update that the Ethereum network has ever known.

The Merge is the fusion between two blockchains that evolve in parallel: Ethereum's Mainnet (Exectution Layer) and the Beacon Chain (Consensus Layer).

You can check out the impact of this update on the Ethereum network by reading our article "The Merge: what changes ?" on our blog.