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What is staking?
Staking is a validation mechanism that consists in immobilizing a quantity of cryptocurrency in order to obtain interest. This system works similarly to a savings account, but offers more interesting prospects of return.

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What are the cryptomoney available in staking?
The list of crytomonitories as well as the next availabilities are directly available on the page of staking.
Why is staking interesting?
Staking allows you to earn interest with your cryptocurrency. If you don't have the skills or time to take care of it, our service allows you to make your assets grow passively.
How much can I make from the staking?
Depending on the project, the annual percentage rate (APR) can vary from 5 to almost 50%. The list of the different APR is available directly on the staking page. Be careful, these APR are not fixed, they are likely to evolve over time according to the rules defined by the projects.
How long does it take for my staking to be activated?
Staking starts 24 hours after the order is placed.
How do I get my staking winnings back?
Staking gains are credited at regular intervals in cryptocurrency directly to your Just Mining customer area. Conditions may vary depending on the project. All these features are displayed on the staking product page.Dès when your winnings are on your balance, you are free to withdraw them whenever you want. You also have the possibility to exchange your winnings for other cryptocurrency or to reinvest your interest to generate even more tokens.
When can I stop staking?
You are free to request the withdrawal of your cryptocurrency whenever you wish. Some projects may have special deadlines to be able to retrieve your tokens, these deadlines are displayed in the conditions specific to each staking contract. This is called the unstaking period.
What are the additional costs?
A management fee is applied to our staking service. These fees are variable for each project and are indicated directly on the product page.
How do I make a deposit?
It is possible to deposit your own tokens to initiate a staking/lending contract. Go to the product page and click on DEPOSIT
What are the risks?
The main risk is market volatility. cryptocurrency is a volatile investment product. Investment always means risk. It is this risk that makes this form of investment interesting.
How are the staking offers displayed on our site selected?
Each project listed on our platform must meet a number of requirements. An analysis work is carried out for several weeks or even months before a project appears in our catalogues.

This selection is based on several criteria :
The fundamentals: the project, the team and the community
The market: available liquidity and partner trading platforms
Technical: complexity of the implementation, management of the node, compatibility with the requirements of our security department.

Most of the time, Just Mining becomes a technical partner of the project by operating for the good functioning of its network. This technical collaboration allows us to be closer to the project and to better control its operation.
When is the charge levied on the staking?
Staking fees are deducted at source. This means that everything you receive on your wallet belongs to you and there will be no further charges on it. The amount of the fee varies depending on the project. This information is available directly on the staking page.
Why am I asked for a delivery address for a staking or lending order?
Staking being a totally dematerialized product, you will not receive anything physical at your address. However, it is essential to provide an address for invoicing. It is for this reason that you are asked for an address at the time of your order.
What is APR and how to calculate it?
APR is the annual percentage rate. The APR applies to the tokens and not to the amount in € initially invested.
Example: You buy 100 MATIC on 01/01/2020. The APR of MATIC is 38%. If it remains fixed throughout the year, on 01/01/2021, your investment will have generated 38 MATIC of interest (38% of the initial 100 MATIC). Interest is credited every minute except for SNX (every weeks).
Literally, a masternode is a network node that performs different tasks on a blockchain.Pour imager, let's compare the masternode system to a corporate structure.
In this situation, the company as a whole represents cryptocurrency. The president of this company is the Blockchain, he is in charge of making the company work by taking the essential decisions for its development and by setting up rules to be followed.

The masternodes are the team leaders who must carry out a mission in order to move the company forward. Each mission correctly completed will be recorded on the Blockchain. The employees are the nodes (nodes) who are responsible for completing the task requested by their superior. If the job is done correctly, then the masternode will be able to pass on the information to the higher level.

Read our article what is a masternode?
Collateral : this is the quantity of tokens needed to build a masternode.

This collateral is recoverable, you still own it. The only exception to this rule is Project Sinovate.
What's that for?
The Masternodes are used to secure a Blockchain. There are different ways to secure a Blockchain. Mining is the best known activity but it is not the only one.

On this Blockchain, masternodes are used in particular to anonymize and carry out instant transactions on the network and also give the right to vote in order to participate in decisions taken in a decentralized way.
After how long is my masternode activated?
After your order, your masternode is activated within 72 hours.
Interest is charged on your collateral and not on its value in euros.

For example:
The masternode Polis made up of 1,000 Polis tokens with a 26% interest*. At the end of the year, you will get 260 Polis. However the value of these tokens will depend on the Polis price.

*This value is indicative
Can I sell my collateral?
You can sell your collateral whenever you want. You are the owner of your masternode, you are free to sell your tokens at any time at no extra cost. (With the exception of the Sinovate project where the collateral is burnt)
Can I bring my own collateral?
From a certain amount, we can accept your own tokens. Contact an advisor for a tailor-made offer. (make a request)
How are the masternodes on our site selected?
As with the staking projects, the masternodes listed on our site are selected according to several criteria. An analysis work is carried out before each listing.

This selection is based on several criteria :
The fundamentals: the project, the team and the community
The market: available liquidity and partner trading platforms
Technical: complexity of the implementation, node management, compatibility with the requirements of our security department.
If you are interested in a masternode that is not offered on our site, you can ask our teams for a quote. Technically, we are able to install any masternode.
What is the difference between full and shared masternodes?
Integral mastersodes: you own the entire node.
Shared Masternodes: you own only a fraction of the node. It makes no difference to the user. Whether you invest in full or shared masternodes, you have the same features.
Will several shared masternodes merge?
No, if you place several orders for the same masternode on different dates, each shared masternode will appear as a separate contract. Make sure that having 1 full masternode or 2 times 50% of a masternode does not change your performance at all.
Fees (charges)
A 5% fee is levied on the performance of the masternodes in real time. These fees cover the maintenance of the node, the servers and the custody. bb> bb> Installation costs are already included in the price displayed on the site.
Why am I being asked for a delivery address?
As masternodes are totally dematerialized products, you will not receive anything physically at your address. However, it is essential to provide an address for invoicing. This is why you are asked for an address when you order.
Why do I get bills every month?
These invoices correspond to the 5% fee that is applied to the masternode rewards.
Are there resale fees for the masternode?
No, you can resell your masternode whenever you want at no cost.
Mining - ASICs
How to calculate the profitability of a machine?
The profitability of a machine essentially depends on 3 factors:
- The price of cryptocurrency: naturally, if the calculation is made when the bitcoin is at 30000€ or 15000€, the results are different.
- The difficulty is the number of minors on the network. Indeed, the rewards of mining are shared among the miners. The more miners there are, the more the difficulty increases and the more the quantity of mined cryptocurrency is reduced.
- the cost of electricity: machines are energy-intensive. It is decisive for a miner to pay as little as possible for his energy in order to optimize his output.

You have understood it, among these 3 factors, the only one that can be accurately anticipated is the cost of electricity. The first two are very variable and depend on the market, it is difficult to measure it accurately over time.
In these conditions, it is possible to calculate the profitability of a machine at time T but being careful to duplicate this result in time does not allow to obtain the exact profitability.

You can carry out this type of calculation on online calculators such as coinwarz. Select the SHA-256 algorithm for a Bitcoin machine or Ethash for a machine that mines ETH. Fill in the fields according to the power of the machine, its consumption and your electricity tariffs. If you encounter any difficulty in performing this calculation, please do not hesitate to contact our teams.
Are the machines noisy?
The asics are particularly noisy machines. The installation of a mining machine in your home is not really suitable. Although the level of nuisance is up to each person's interpretation, it is not recommended to install this type of equipment in a living room. It is preferable to place them in a dedicated room, a garage or another isolated room.
I want to set up a mining farm, how do I go about it?
Each project from mining farm is different. It is defined on a case-by-case basis according to your requirements. We invite you to contact our teams to determine the key points for the success of your project.
Mining - Bobs
The power consumption of the BOBs (+/- 5%)
Mega Bob 2.0: 500W
Extra Bob 2.0: 800W
Pack Extra Bob 2.0: 4000W
BOB blasting power (+/- 5%)
Mega Bob 2.0: 200 mhs. Extra Bob 2.0: 300 mhs
Pack Extra Bob 2.0: 1500 mhs
What components make up my machine?
The components that go into the constitution of each machine are accessible in its detailed sheet, which you can access in the Mining tab.
I want to set up a mining farm, how do I go about it?
Every mining farm project is different. It is defined on a case-by-case basis according to your requirements. We invite you to contact our teams to determine the key points for the success of your project.
Cloud Mining
What is cloud mining?
The cloud mining is a computational power rental system. Mining due to its energy requirements in particular is not viable for most people. Also, cloud mining allows to make mining accessible to all, mining without its constraints.
How to calculate the profitability of cloud mining?
The profitability of a machine depends essentially on 2 factors :
- The price of cryptocurrency: naturally, if the calculation is made when the bitcoin is at 30000€ or 15000€, the results are different.
- The difficulty is the number of minors on the network. Indeed, the rewards of mining are shared among the miners. The more miners there are, the more the difficulty increases and the more the quantity of mined cryptocurrency is reduced.
These factors are variable over time, so the profitability of cloud contracts cannot be anticipated with great precision over time. Nevertheless, it is possible to calculate the profitability of a contract at time T using tools such as coinwarz.
What are the fees associated with the cloud mining contract?
For all of our cloud mining contracts, you only pay once the price displayed on the site for the duration indicated. There are no other fees applied.
What does 1 THS correspond to?
The THS is the power unit of mining. It corresponds to the capacity of the machine to make calculations. The THS is to mining what the KM/h is to speed.
Exchanges and withdrawals
How to make a withdrawal
You can withdraw cryptocurrencies from your balance in two ways:

Cryptocurrency withdrawals

You have the option to transfer your cryptocurrencies to another exchange platform (e.g. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken,...) or to a hardware wallet (ledger, Ngrave,...) or online wallet (metamask,...).

Withdrawals in euros (€)

You can request a withdrawal in €, directly to your bank account for the following currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and DAI. The minimum amount for this type of withdrawal is €100.

A 2% fee is charged on € exchange transactions.

The procedure for making a withdrawal is very simple and takes only a few moments. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to the "my account" area.
2. Select the "Portfolio" tab.
3. Click on the "withdraw" button at the currency you wish to withdraw. Add the RIB of the account you wish to withdraw your funds to.
4. Indicate the amount you wish to withdraw and validate by clicking on "Request withdrawal".
Withdrawal period
The deadline for a withdrawal is 24 hours. Our withdrawals are made in chronological order of arrival, with a second manual validation to ensure maximum security.
What is a Memo
In some cases, for cryptocurrency withdrawals, you will be asked, in addition to your receiving address, for a memo. Indeed, some exchanges ask for it in order to identify the receiving account. You will find this memo directly on the exchange you wish to send the funds to. If in doubt, please contact our team.
Withdrawal fee
Just Mining does not apply any fees to withdrawals. On the other hand, the blockchain fees, which are mandatory and independent of us, apply to each transaction. These fees are fixed regardless of the amount you wish to withdraw. Also, it is not recommended to make micro withdrawals (less than 5€). These fees vary depending on the blockchain, but generally they are quite low.
Make an exchange
You have the possibility to make intercryptocurrency exchanges directly on our website. Please note that this feature is not available for all cryptocurrencies. Indeed, only crypto-currencies with sufficient liquidity on the markets are eligible.

The procedure to make a trade is very simple and takes only a few moments. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to the "my account" area.
2. Select the "Withdrawal Management" tab.
3. Click on the "Exchange" button for the currency you wish to withdraw.
4. Enter the amount you wish to exchange and the final currency.
5. Validate by clicking on "validate exchange".

Thanks to our collaboration with Veraone, you can also transform your cryptocurrencies into gold directly on our platform.
Exchange fee
The exchange fees vary according to the cryptocurrency and their liquidity. Also, the fees applied to the most liquid crypto-currencies are 1.5% compared to 6% for the least liquid ones. Exchanges are carried out instantaneously.
What is a KYC
KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process that allows us to verify the identity of our customers and thus identify them.
In order to comply with current French regulatory requirements, we must collect certain information that will remain for the exclusive use of our company.
How do you make a KYC?
To make your KYC, go to the "Identity verification" section on the "my account" area. Then follow the instructions to proceed with the online identity verification. The process is carried out using the tools of our French partner Synaps.
How do I delete my account?
You can decide to close your account on our platform at any time. To do so, simply contact our teams and let them know you wish to do so.
Do I own my cryptos?
Yes, you are the owner of your tokens and can retrieve them at any time if you wish. Attention, for some staking products, a release time is imposed by the project. As a reminder, these deadlines do not depend on us.
How do I secure my account?
To secure your account, you can set up the Google Dual Authenticator (2FA) which will be required at each login and which you will be able to access from your phone.

You can also define an anti-phishing word that you will see appear in each of the emails received from Just-Mining in order to be able to identify the emails coming from our company.
How do I reinvest the tokens I hold in my portfolio?
You can complete your different contracts or open new ones using the tokens you hold in your portfolio on Just-Mining.

To do so, go to the "Reinvestment" tab and select the contract on which you want to place your tokens. Each contract requires a minimum number of tokens to reinvest, which you can see on this page.
What is the minimum investment to participate in the lending offer?
The lending offer is available for purchase, deposit and reinvestment. Full details of the investment minimums are available directly on the lending page.
How long does it take for my lending contract to be activated?
You start receiving interest 48 hours after the order or 24h after the deposit is validated if you bring your own tokens.
How often is interest paid?
The interests are paid every minute on your Just-Mining wallet.
What is a stablecoin?
A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency indexed to a stable value. Thus, its value remains fixed over time. For example, USDT is a stablecoin indexed to the US dollar, 1 USDT = $1.

These assets provide protection from the volatility of other cryptocurrencies.
What is the APY (annual compound percentage yield)?
The APY is the net interest rate received by the investor. If you invest £1000 with a 10% APY. In one year, you will have generated €100 of interest.

Please note that the APY may change over time depending on the returns available on the DeFi protocols.
What is the lock up period?
The lock up period is the period of release of funds. A 24 hour lock up period means that your funds will be available in your wallet 24 hours after the release request.
How does the Just Mining lending solution work?
Just Mining uses various decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) and some centralized platforms (CeFi) to earn a return on stablecoins. Here is the list of platforms used: Aave, Nexo, Swissborg, BlockFi, Celcuis, Anchor, PancakeSwap, Compound Finance.

Just Mining is committed to never placing more than 30% of funds on any one platform.

Note: This list is subject to change over time
I already have stablecoins on Just Mining, how do I place them on the Lending offer?
If you already have stablecoin in your Just Mining wallet, use the reinvestment feature on your Dashboard to take advantage of these solutions.
What are the risks associated with lending?
To achieve these returns, Just Mining uses various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. These protocols are autonomous and Just Mining does not control them nor is it responsible for their potential flaws.

The risk thus lies in the possible failure of a protocol. Just Mining undertakes to never place more than 30% of the funds on a single platform to limit these risks.

By subscribing to this offer, the investor undertakes to understand that Just Mining cannot be held responsible in any way for a failure on any of the protocols used.
What are parachains?
Parachains are secondary chains to an infrastructure blockchain, which can evolve into a dedicated slot within it.

Parachains have been implemented for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

Polkadot and Kusama are infrastructure blockchains that offer a technology foundation that can be leveraged by other projects. Projects intending to build on this foundation will need a Parachain slot within the Polkadot or Kusama blockchain infrastructure to deploy.

These slots are limited. To avoid inequality, Polkadot's teams have set up an allocation system, which you'll see below.
How do the parachains work?
Thus, during a parachain auction, it is the DOT or KSM holders (depending on whether it is on the Polkadot or Kusama infrastructure) who will choose the allocation of slots by depositing their DOT or KSM in favour of the project of their choice. For the Polkadot Parachain Auction, you - Just Mining customers - can place your DOT tokens on the project(s) you wish to support.
Why participate in a parachain?
Participating in a parachain allows you to receive in return new tokens from the project you support, if it wins the auction. As an investor, this system allows you to position yourself early on young ambitious projects.

Note that the DOTs you place are not spent. They are locked in a smartcontract. They will be returned to you after the auction, if the project for the benefit of which you deposited your DOTs did not win the auction. Otherwise - in case the project for which you placed your DOTs won the auction - your DOTs will be returned to you after a blocking period (the period varies by project).
How is the winner of the parachain determined?
At the end of the auction period, a specific time is randomly determined. The project with the most DOTs at that moment wins the auction.

Please note that once you have placed DOTs on a project, you cannot withdraw them during the auction, you must wait until the end of the blocking period previously foreseen by the project or the end of the auction if your project has not won the auction. Just Mining cannot guarantee the success of the listed projects.
What happens to my DOTs if the project wins the Parachain auction?
If the project on which you have positioned yourself wins the auction of the parachain, you will be eligible for the distribution of new tokens according to the rhythm previously defined by the project. Concerning your DOTs, they will be blocked for a predetermined period. At the end of this period, they will be credited (in full) to your Just Mining wallet. The maximum blocking period is known before the start of the parachain auction.
What happens to my DOTs if the project does not win the Parachain auction?
If the project you are bidding on does not win the auction, all your DOTs will be returned to your Just Mining wallet within 24 hours of the results.
How much can I earn from parachains?
We cannot determine in advance the profitability associated with the success of a parachain auction. New tokens will be released by the projects that won the Parachain auction at a rate determined before the auction. They will be shared among all contributors who have deposited their DOTs in favor of the project that won the Parachain slot. We cannot know in advance how many contributors will participate in the Parachain auction.

Similarly, we cannot know at what price the new token will be listed.

The financial gains from the Parachain auction, vary depending on the number of tokens distributed and the volatility of the prices of the tokens in question.
How does Just Mining make money on the transaction?
Just Mining is remunerated by keeping 5% of the new tokens issued by the project(s) that won the parachain. No fees are applied if the project did not win the parachain auction. In any case, no fees will be applied on the return of your DOTs.

Ex: You have deposited 50 DOTs in favor of project X. The project in question has won the parachain auction. According to the distibution conditions of project X, with this level of contribution, you are eligible for 100 tokens. You will receive 95 tokens and Just Mining will keep 5. Your 50 DOTs will be fully credited back to you at the end of the blocking period previously defined by the said project.
What are the risks of participating in a parachain event?
Participation in a parachain auction involves two things: holding DOT tokens and tying them up for a pre-determined period of time.

Thus, you must accept exposure of your capital to the volatility of the DOT during this period.
Can I participate in several parachains?
Yes, it just involves having multiple DOTs.

A DOT can only be filed in favor of one project.
In case of success, what happens to the distribution of the tokens?
Just Mining applies a pro-rata distribution system. In order to simplify operations, we will not take into account specific distribution characteristics (e.g. the first contributors to the auction receive more tokens).

So, in some particular cases, you may receive less tokens via Just Mining than by participating directly in the Parachain auction by your own means.
What is a crowdloan?
A crowdloan is a way for new projects to get support from its community through the allocation of DOTs in order to win a parachain slot. The term can be misleading, as you are not actually "lending" funds to projects. Your DOTs are simply tied up over a longer or shorter period of time depending on the outcome of the auction.

If your question is not in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us.
We also invite you to visit our blog online for more information about the products we offer.