Mining farm

Mining farm

Just Mining supports you in the realization of your mining farm installation projects. From the development to the design of the project on site, our teams are at your side to ensure that the deployment of the equipment is done under ideal circumstances.

Your customized project

If you have a mining farm project, whether small or large, Just Mining is a key partner in the success of your investment. Our involvement depends on your needs: we can act as a simple equipment supplier or manage the entire investment.


Studies realization

Depending on the complexity of the project, our teams can carry out in-depth work to study its feasibility and relevance. This study is materialized in a comprehensive report which includes specific analyses of a set of components. We focus on four main points: your environment (geographical area, energy cost, etc.), the choice of equipment, the market (profitability study) and the installation (delivery, labour, layout, etc.).

A team of experts

Let our teams of experts guide you through each step of your project. We can guide you from the establishment of the offer to the management of the park once it is fully installed and functional.

Ideal configurations for a mining farm

Several configurations make the realization of a mining farm project particularly interesting:

dam image

Hydroelectric Power

Production and self-consumption of electricity through hydroelectric power. Micro-hydroelectric power plants are particularly suitable for this activity.

solar panel image

Solar energy

Production and self-consumption of electricity using solar energy. Photovoltaic installations are examples in which both private individuals and professionals can benefit.

factory image

Industrial warehouse

Professionals benefiting from low electricity rates can find in this system a new source of income for their activity. In some configurations, the equipment can be used to heat the premises and optimize your energy consumption.

I have a mining farm project

You have a mining farm project and you wish to be accompanied in its realization or simply in the supply of the material.

Minimum budget : 500 000,00 €

Setting up a mining farm is a complex and expensive project. In addition to the financial aspect, the following provisions need to be taken into account when considering the establishment of such a project:

- Cheap electricity (maximum 0,07€/Kwh)
- Available infrastructure (electrical capacity, sound insulation, security...)
- A healthy environment (cool and not damp)

If you meet these requirements, then the design study can be considered. If you do not, you may be wasting time.

The mining market is in a situation where brokers are in great demand. In this context, they only select the most serious projects.

I have a mining farm project

Our teams are at your disposal to answer your questions about your mining farm installation project: Contact us