About us

Just-Mining is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company whose main objective is to make these technologies accessible to as many people as possible.

We offer simple and intuitive investment solutions on these relatively complex technologies. In less than two years, we have become the French leader in our sector of activity.

The company was created in June 2017 by Owen Simonin. He is also known in the francophone ecosystem of cryptocurrency under the pseudonym "hasheur" since he is the most respected French-speaking influence on the theme of cryptocurrencies with more than 100,000 subscribers.

As the world of cryptocurrency explodes during the first half of 2017, more and more people are looking to invest in this market, but they are dying to lack information. Owen realizes that there are too few solutions to invest with confidence in this market. He decided to solicit a community of subscribers around a project that would make this market more accessible and transparent.

A few months later strong support, he launched the company Just Mining following a largely successful pre-order campaign.

Today, more than three years later, Just Mining has shipped nearly 3 500 miners worldwide and configured more than 5 000 masternodes on behalf of its customers exceeding 3M euros in turnover. In addition, it holds one of the largest French mining farms.

This team, it is composed today of twenty enthusiasts whose main ones are:

Owen Simonin Chief Executive Officer (CEO) linkedin
Laurent Graziani Logistics Manager linkedin
Thibaut Boutrou Marketing Manager linkedin
William Simonin Chief Technology Officer (CTO) linkedin
Thomas Lemaire Lead Developer linkedin
Arnaud Gugumus IT & Security Manager linkedin
Can Kilic IT Officer linkedin
Vincent Leroy Technical advisor linkedin
Nathan Benchimol Compliance Manager linkedin
Clément Santerre Compliance Officer linkedin
Robin Tramier Commercial Manager linkedin
Artem Sinyakin Commercial Manager linkedin
Thomas Humbert Marketing Officier linkedin
Jordan Sagnes Web Developer linkedin
Clothilde Benoit UX Designer linkedin
Julien Henrot-Dias Associate linkedin
Danilo S. Carlucci Advisor linkedin