About us

Just-Mining is a company specialized in cryptomoney and blockchaining, whose main objective is to make these technologies accessible to the greatest number of people.

The company was created in May 2017 by Owen Simonin, better known under the pseudonym "Hasheur". He is one of the most followed French-speaking ambassadors on the themes of Blockchain and cryptomoney.

Today, Just Mining has become the leader in the market of related investments in the world of cryptomoney in all French-speaking countries.

We offer several investment solutions that are grouped into three segments: staking, masternodes and mining.

Our team

Owen Simonin Chief Executive Officer (CEO) linkedin
Thibaut Boutrou Chief Operating Officer (COO) linkedin
Eric Arnould Chief financial officer (CFO) linkedin
Laurent Graziani Financial and Administrative Manager (FAM) linkedin
Thomas Lemaire Lead Developer linkedin
Arnaud Gugumus IT & Security Manager linkedin
Can Kilic IT Officer linkedin
Pierre-Alain Simon Web Developer linkedin
Corentin Martin Web Developer linkedin
Kotchénin Kosson Web Developer linkedin
Paul Brunner Web Developer linkedin
Maxime G. IT Officer
Rija Rameloarison Compliance Manager
C. Compliance Officer
A. Compliance Officer
S. Compliance Officer
Thomas Humbert Process Improvement Manager linkedin
Artem Sinyakin Business Developer linkedin
Robin Tramier Commercial linkedin
Achille Colin Sales Assistant linkedin
Mathis Egonneau Marketing Assistant linkedin
Clothilde Benoit UX Designer linkedin
Madeline Wursthorn Executive Assistant linkedin
Nadia Vissuzaine Executive Assistant
Vincent Leroy Technical advisor linkedin
William Simonin Associate linkedin
Julien Henrot-Dias Associate linkedin
Danilo S. Carlucci Advisor linkedin
Florian Guichon Associate, Advisor linkedin