We have been practicing mining for over four years, and it is the creation of Ethereum in 2015 that brought our attention to the revolution going on in that sphere, via the increasing power of graphic cards. All of sudden it became possible again to be able to mine with material that was usable also for other domains and always keeps its intrinsic value. And as a result, mining with traditional components, also sparked the development of ASIC resistance.

Just-Mining possesses expertise in 3 main areas:

Firstly: top quality mining installations (and the set up of mining software) for the everyday person or for professionals. Products that are ready to use, autonomous, easy to operate and most importantly the latest and best in the market. This allows for a delivering everything from a simple and low budget installation, to a large custom made mining farm. Today our experience allows us to develop more and more custom offers for professionals, such as hydroelectric barriers or other generators, that cannot stock up enough renewable energy due to the technical limitations. Auto consumption is a great solution for optimising the economic outflux for these installations.


Secondly: our software. An internally developed artificial intelligence, crafted in a way to always seek the most profitable opportunity via a real time auto configuring system, taking into account the volatility of the market: therefore always mining the most profitable crypto currency. At the same time, this system allows simple management to its owner and offers: long distance control, manual rebooting, automatic rebooting in cases of defects and even mobile alerts - all to make sure the user is covered for any eventualities. To summarise, our AI optimises the profitability of the miner, all while considerably decreasing the attention that needs to be given to the machine. Today, Just-Mining continues to innovate, and continuously brings about new functionalities.

Thirdly: the development of heat recuperating solutions. In fact, our machines constantly generate thermique energy. Recuperating this energy allows to heat all sorts of hallways, pools, storages or even botanic greenhouses. This is why Just-Mining developed an expertise in machinery and value stream management, with the goal of proposing solutions that are more adaptable to the existing solutions.


Our products are all situated in France, and are sent to over 96 countries across 5 continents. For emergencies our support and post-sales teams are reachable 24/7, during weekends and festive days. Leaving room for such an open dialogue, we don’t just sell cryptocurrency mining products, instead we stay close to our clients across their entire investment journey. Our numbers and the closeness with our clients puts as the top of the list of services selling GPU mining RIGs throughout 2017-2018 within France. Looking ahead, we strive to grow our successes and high quality service internationally.