Guide cryptocurrencies masternodes

You will find in this section a short presentation of each cryptocurrencies available in our masternodes offers.
These allow you to have an overview of the objectives of each project and refine your choice of investment.
Our teams are at your disposal if you want more informations on one of these projects.

POLIS icon
Polis (POLIS)
Token price : 0,7703 € *
Creation January 2018
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Polis aims to create a monetary asset used by all and especially in disadvantaged areas. For this Polis has implemented instant payments on its network. In addition, Polis has already rolled out its Polis Pay project with the payment card distribution in Polis tokens.

DASH icon
Dash (DASH)
Token price : 100,3700 € *
Creation January 2014
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Dash is known as the first digital currency for ease of use, anonymity and speed of transactions. What many people don't know is that these features are implemented through a network of dedicated servers called masternodes. This network makes possible many remarkable features that are not available on conventional blockchains.

ZEN icon
Horizen (ZEN)
Token price : 9,0200 € *
Creation January 2018
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Formerly ZenCash, Horizen is a project carried by a big community. It has the particularity of having a hybrid security system using both Proof Of Work (POW) and masternodes via the Proof Of Stake (POS). This cryptocurrency highlights the privacy of its users.

XZC icon
Zcoin (XZC)
Token price : 4,5400 € *
Creation December 2017
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The Zcoin project is a fork of Bitcoin that aims to go further in the process of anonymizing transactions. Zcoin is a solid project, created by the former founder of Vertcoin. This cryptocurrency is part of the Top 100 and is available on the largest exchanges.

ESBC icon
Token price : 0,0146 € *
Creation March 2019
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Esport Betting Coin est une plateforme de paris en ligne décentralisée qui permet de parier de manière anonyme sur des matchs de sport et de esport.

PIVX icon
Token price : 0,2511 € *
Creation February 2016
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Pivx is a solid project launched since 2016 that focuses on security and a special interest in protecting the privacy of its users. Thus all transactions made on this network are anonymized. This masternode is one of the most stable on the market.

BITG icon
Bitcoin Green (BITG)
Token price : 0,1283 € *
Creation January 2018
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This project aims to highlight the excesses of proof of work and promote the Proof of Stake, which is much more viable if the Blockchain technology continues to evolve at this speed. Secondly, this cryptocurrency is more scalable than Bitcoin and above all faster and less expensive.

CRW icon
Crown (CRW)
Token price : 0,0468 € *
Creation October 2017
Projet display

The Crown project is designed by the community. A system of self-governance is in place. The community therefore chooses how the project wants to evolve and not the company. The project is decentralized and self-financed.

PHR icon
Phore (PHR)
Token price : 0,0612 € *
Creation November 2018
Projet display

Phore is a complete project that brings together many ideas for existing projects. This cryptocurrency plays on the flexibility of its protocol allowing both to offer fast transactions that can be both private and public. Added to this is the possibility of developing decentralized applications on their network. Finally, a project of decentralized market place is included in their roadmap.

XTZ icon
Tezos (XTZ)
Token price : 1,3800 € *
Creation January 2018
Projet display

Tezos is a French project that raised more than 230 million dollars at its ICO. Tezos makes it possible to create smarts contracts, decentralized applications on its own blockchain and not on that of Ethereum like most projects. In addition, this project has developed its own consensus system, the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPos).

Divi (DIVI)
Token price : 0,0110 € *
Creation October 2018
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Divi is a company that develops several tools to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies in universes that consider technology too complex. Their ambition is to solve the scalability problems of other cryptocurrencies.

SIN-MID icon
Sinovate (SIN-MID)
Token price : 0,0016 € *
Creation April 2019
Projet display

SINOVATE is a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital currency and ecosystem which creates unique and modern Blockchain products, services and solutions. SIN embraces this new technology and has executed extensive research, on various ways to educate others and help them implement innovation into their daily lives and businesses.

NRG icon
Energi (NRG)
Token price : 1,5500 € *
Creation September 2018
Projet display

ENERGI is a project based on self-financing and governance whose vision is to make crypto currencies more accessible. In the long term, it wishes to transform itself into a platform for intelligent contracts.

(*) The price of token is indicative and based on Coingecko's data. Its value is likely to change over time.
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